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Luigi Pirandello

Who was Prospero? But they will live for ever because — living seeds — they had the luck to find a fruitful soil, an imagination which knew how to grow them and feed them, so that they will live for ever. Luigi Pirandello was born in Caos, near Girgenti, on the island of Sicily, which was to be the inspiration of his writings.

His childhood Pirandello spent in modest weath in Girgenti today called Agrigento and Palermo, surrounded by nurses and servants, and enjoying the adoration of his mother. From his teens Pirandello showed literary talents, but he first planned to study law. However, his father, intended his son to become a businessman.

In Pirandello entered the University of Rome, from where he was expelled for offending a Latin professor, and then transferred to the University of Bonn, Germany, receiving his doctoral degree in Roman philology in After having a liaison with his cousin Linuccia, which his father did not approve, Pirandello started his career as a writer. In the ironical story the protagonist suspects that his wife is unfaithful and takes her back after the adultery has actually occurred.

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She suffered mental breakdown in When the collapse of the sulfur mines destroyed the family business, Pirandello had to turn his writing into a financially profitable activity. Its antihero, Mattia Pascal, is mistakenly declared dead.

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Offered an opportunity to start life over again, he escapes from his family. In Montecarlo Mattia wins a fortune, but his newly found freedom turns sour and he must return to his hometown, to his past he had hoped to leave behind.

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I am the late Mattia Pascal. His despair starts when his wife comments a slight defect on his nose — it tilts to the right. Pirandello started to write plays as early as in the s, but he first considered the stage insensitive medium compared to the novel. After , Pirandello concentrated on the theater and wrote until sixteen dramas.

It did not gain much understanding, but through the performances of the actor Angelo Musco his work started to attract attention.

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The story was about a woman whose identity remains hidden and who could be one of the two very different people. Six Characters in Search of an Author consists of roles-within-roles. In rehearsal preparations of a theatrical company are interrupted by the Father and his family who explain that they are characters from an unfinished dramatic works. He tells that he has helped his wife to start a new life with her lover and the three illegitimate children born to them. She was forced to turn to prostitution to support the family. The Son refuses to acknowledge his family and runs into the garden.

Understanding Luigi Pirandello

But his first significant works were short stories, which at first he contributed to periodicals without payment. As a further result of the financial disaster, his wife developed a persecution mania, which manifested itself in a frenzied jealousy of her husband.

His torment ended only with her removal to a sanatorium in she died in It was this bitter experience that finally determined the theme of his most characteristic work, already perceptible in his early short stories—the exploration of the tightly closed world of the forever changeable human personality. The Merry-Go-Round of Love. Common to both books is the theory of the subconscious personality, which postulates that what a person knows, or thinks he knows, is the least part of what he is.

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Pirandello had begun to focus his writing on the themes of psychology even before he knew of the work of Sigmund Freud , the founder of psychoanalysis. Both are more typical than Il fu Mattia Pascal. Uno, nessuno e centomila, however, is at once the most original and the most typical of his novels. Its exploration of the reality of personality is of a type better known from his plays.

Pirandello wrote over 50 plays. This delay may have been fortunate for the development of his dramatic powers. Six Characters is the most arresting presentation of the typical Pirandellian contrast between art, which is unchanging, and life, which is an inconstant flux. Characters that have been rejected by their author materialize on stage, throbbing with a more intense vitality than the real actors, who, inevitably, distort their drama as they attempt its presentation. And in Henry IV the theme is madness, which lies just under the skin of ordinary life and is, perhaps, superior to ordinary life in its construction of a satisfying reality.

The production of Six Characters in Paris in made Pirandello widely known, and his work became one of the central influences on the French theatre.

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I think that life is a very sad piece of buffoonery; because we have in ourselves, without being able to know why, wherefore or whence, the need to deceive ourselves constantly by creating a reality one for each and never the same for all , which from time to time is discovered to be vain and illusory.

My art is full of bitter compassion for all those who deceive themselves; but this compassion cannot fail to be followed by the ferocious derision of destiny which condemns man to deception. It also emboldened him to disfigure some of his later plays e. Luigi Pirandello. Article Media. Info Print Cite.