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These are significant luxuries when you are the chief skivvy of the group. Life just got about per cent better. There are blue gingham tablecloths and the requisite feral cats. Burning dishes of smouldering Greek coffee are placed around our feet to deter the wasps while we eat freshly caught bream, octopus and chips.

Most of the tourists here are well-heeled Brits — Notting Hill types; men in pink shirts with floppy public-school hair; women in white cheesecloth sundresses. We swim through the turquoise water to land and sit on the conveniently placed sun-bleached log. The water is so clear you can see 20ft down. Back on the boat the picnic — with delicious filo-pastry feta and spinach slices from the supermarket — goes down a dream.

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Off we motor, puttering by the little villages of Agni gorgeous, posh and Kalami Durrell country and finishing up in another cove, this time lined with olive and myrtle and flashy yachts that show us how the other half live. On the way home we buy a pre- prepared barbecue and cook out on the terrace.

It feels like paradise. Another day, another superb beach. Avlaki beach is a five-minute drive away, down a surprisingly lush road to a beach of huge, smooth, pure white pebbles. Lying back like a starfish in the super- salty sea, the water crackling in my ears, feels like a natural flotation tank.

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Ctesias, the Achaemenid court, and the history of the Greek novel Josef Wiesehfer; Jews and Phoenicians: The eastern king in the Hebrew Bible: novelistic motifs in early Jewish literature Jennie Barbour; Milesiae Punicae: how Punic was Apuleius? Stephen Harrison; Part IV.

Anatolians: Milesian tales Ewen Bowie; Part V. Transmission and Reception: Does triviality translate? The Life of Aesop travels east Pavlos Avlamis; Mime and the romance Ruth Webb; Orality, folktales, and the cross-cultural transmission of narrative Larry Kim; High Get ready for a workout!

Tour snapshot Thessaloniki has a special charm when night falls, so come explore the nightlife of the Queen of the North with a knowledgeable guide by your side! Schedule details Duration: 3.

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This one describes the precise meeting point for this tour. Click here to learn more. Your Trip: For your Urban Adventure you will be in a small group of a maximum of 12 people. Traveller rating Excellent.

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The Romance Between Greece and the East

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