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World Energy Outlook Paris, France. Oil Market Report Online. Media contacts press iea.

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Member countries. Today Tracking Clean Energy Progress Are the sectors and technologies critical to the clean energy transition on track? Browse all IEA publications Contact us.

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Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future The International Energy Agency provides data , analysis , and solutions on all fuels and technologies. Methane Tracker Reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations Nuclear power in a clean energy system A key source of low-carbon power The Future of Hydrogen Seizing today's opportunities. Follow us.

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A global presence, working towards a secure, sustainable future for all. Commentaries View all Cutting-edge insights and analysis from our energy experts.

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Publication Oil Market Report Online. Our Analysis The IEA assesses what the energy system looks like today, what will happen tomorrow and what the future might hold. World Energy Investment Benchmark for measuring investment across the energy sector, including factors influencing investment decisions. Tracking Clean Energy Progress Comprehensive assessments of energy technologies and sectors critical in a global clean-energy transition. The Future World leading scenario analysis of the global energy system. World Energy Outlook Energy demand and supply projections to based on different scenarios.

The Future of Petrochemicals A close look at the consequences of growing demand for petrochemicals. Global EV Outlook The state of EVs, charging infrastructure and policies around the globe today, as well as scenario outlooks to The Future of Cooling Key insights into cooling trends, including proposed policy responses for a more sustainable pathway. Energy Efficiency Exploring an energy efficient future, with economic, social and environmental benefits. Clean Energy Transitions As a global hub for clean energy, the IEA is supporting efforts by governments to transform energy systems.

How Innovation Is Revolutionizing the Energy Industry

Energy Security Secure, reliable and ample energy supplies remain a central pillar of the IEA mission. Neither are news outlets. On top of that, he says lobbyists for industry are allowed to sell the details they hear in those private meetings to outside parties. Click here and search docket number ER to read related filings.

The other, also from RTO Insider, alleges that the closed-door policy violates federal law. Click here and search docket number EL to read related filings.

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NEPOOL's secretary and lawyer David Doot declined to be interviewed on tape for this story while those federal complaints are still unresolved. But he told me in writing that NEPOOL posts many of their records online, and routinely talks to reporters about new market proposals. I asked if NEPOOL's public access policies and weighted voting structure could allow utilities to prioritize profits over keeping costs down for customers.

Across the country, other regional grid operators and stakeholder groups let the public come to meetings and ask questions.

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The cases could decide whether the organization must open its doors. View the discussion thread. New England's electric grid operator says the region should have enough fuel to get through the winter, even if the weather gets colder than expected. Demand was high and natural gas imports and pipelines were strained, so power plants turned to their coal and oil reserves.

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New England has gotten federal approval for a first-in-the-nation type of power supply auction. It'll let new renewable energy projects take over for old fossil fuel plants on the grid. Once a year, the nonprofit grid operator ISO-New England holds an auction for power generators who want to supply energy for the region, starting three years out.

Share Tweet Email. New England Power Pool members meet to debate energy market reforms, in photos from the organization's annual report. Listen to this story to hear the sounds of the Northeast blackout and more.

ISO New England.