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Bioethanol in Nigeria: comparative analysis of sugarcane and sweet sorghum as feedstock sources

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Millet - functional and nutritional properties. Baker's Dig. Casier, J. Bread from starchy tropical crops. Bread production from pure millet and sorghum flours, using cereal endosperm-cellwall-pentosan as a universal baking factor. Proceedings of a symposium on sorghum and millets for human food, Vienne, 11 - 12 mai , p. Roller milling of sorghum and millet grain using a semi-wet process. Londres, Tropical Development Research Institute. Semi-wet milling of red sorghum. Gomez, L. House, L. Utilisation of sorghum and millets.

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Sorghum Biochemistry

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Composite flour - past, present and the future: a review with special emphasis on the place of composite flour in the semi-arid zones. Utilizution of songhumand millets, p.

Sorghum Biochemistry - 1st Edition

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