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Francis while devotedly pursuing the eventual seduction of the frigid Beatrice Gilray.

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In a delightfully broad performance by John Bryans, Burlap is hilarious but less malicious than in the novel. Most of the other characters, however, emerge more accurately. Walter Bidlake, the liberal who can't really tolerate the physical presence of the lower classes, pursues his idealized love, winding up with the dreary Marjorie and lusting after the restless Lucy Maurice Spandrell, crushed by his mother's remarriage to a dirty old military officer, searches viciously for the devil and finds God and Beethoven.

Frank Midge, the lower class Communist, spends his life envying the privileged, classes.

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And point counters point, continuously. The acting, predictably for the B. Even smaller parts can be transformed into exquisite cameos.

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The late Max Adrian is superbly crusty as John Bidlake, the elderly artist. And John Wentworth is a devilish mouthful of blustering vowels as Sidney Quarles, Philip's father, who perfects his lecherous ways behind a massive project on the history of democracy. Rex Tucker's direction is uneven, occasionally confusing literary satire with visual farce.

The result is simply jarring and quite unnecessary. The physical production is, however, unusually handsome, with costumes by Raymond Hughes, designs by Richard Wilmot and makeup by Anna Chesterman.


In the end, the sophisticated Huxley does retreat to a convention of Victorian literature. Retribution of one sort or another is wreaked upon his characters.

Any parallel with the present ends there. Today they would be more likely to show up on television talk shows.

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The novel's title is a reference to the flow of arguments in a debate, and a series of these exchanges tell the story. Instead of a single central plot, there are a number of interlinked storylines and recurring themes as in musical " counterpoint ". Many of the characters are based on real people, most of whom Huxley knew personally.

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  • A number of other fascist groups preceded Mosley, the most prominent being the British Fascists , and possibly one of those may have been Huxley's inspiration. In the reprint of Point Counter Point , Mosley's son Nicholas discusses the connection in a new introduction to the novel.

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