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Recognized as Global Highly Cited Researcher Runner-up for Leontief award co-authored with Dabo Guan at the international Input-output conference in Istanbul, Previous appointments. Explaining virtual water trade: A spatial-temporal analysis of comparative advantage for land, labor and water in China.

Ecological Economics, Climate Change and Sustainability

Member of the scientific organizing committee of the International Input-Output Conference since Member of the scientific advisory board for the International Conferences on Eco-balance since Tsukuba, Japan. However, uplands face imminent threats as well as opportunities from climate change and changes in land management with related changes in fire risk, increase in erosion and water colour, degradation of habitats, loss of biodiversity and recreational value as well as significant changes in the economy of these marginal areas.

The various chapters in this book address policy related issues, provide up-to-date scientific background information and lay out pressing land management questions. The book's focus is an interdisciplinary one - with environmental studies, geography and economics all taken into account. Newsletter Google 4. Help pages. Prothero Michael J. Benton Richard Fortey View All. Go to British Wildlife. Conservation Land Management. Go to Conservation Land Management.

Anticipating and Managing Future Trade-offs and Complementarities between Ecosystem Services

Click to have a closer look. Select version. About this book Customer reviews Related titles. Images Additional images. About this book The aim of this book is to identify and discuss key directions of environmental change in uplands, and to provide an outlook into future management and conservation options responding to these changes. Customer Reviews Review this book.

Series: Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics. Current promotions. The influence of farming styles on the management of the Iveragh uplands southwest Ireland. Governing the Commons: the evolution of institutions for collective action. Cambridge University Press. Farmers in remote rural areas: The worth of permanence in the place. Land Use Policy 35 1—7.

Petersen L-E. Hoogeveen Y. Bamps C. Burfield I. High Nature Value Framing in Europe. As estimate of the distribution patterns on the basis of land cover and biodiversity data. Gustavsson R. Bridging the gap between centrally defined policies and local decisions — Towards more sensitive and creative rural landscape management. Marginalisation and marginal land: processes of change in the countryside. Skriftserie Ecology and Society 18 4 : Hochtl F. Traditional land-use and nature conservation in European rural landscapes.

Environmental Science and Policy 9 4 — Coulon F. Girard P.

Journal Articles

Lambotte M. Stuczynski T.

Sanchez Ortega V. Muller D. Dubinin M. Baumann M. Determinants of agricultural land abandonment in post-Soviet European Russia. Land Use Policy 30 1 — The History of the Countryside. London: Phoenix Press. London: Penguin Books.

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Oostindie H. Laurent C. Brunori G. Barjolle D. Jervell A. Granberg L. Multifunctionality of agricultural activities changing rural identities and new institutional arrangements. Jansson T.

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Verburg P. Revoredo-Giha C. Britz W. Gocht A. Policy reform and agricultural land abandonment in the EU. Martins A. Nicolau J. Abandonment of agricultural land: an overview of drivers and consequences. Barriers and bridges to sustainable cultural landscapes. In Jongman R. The New Dimensions of the European Landscape pp. Frontis: Wageningen. The Uplands after neoliberalism? Journal of Rural Studies 27 3 — Marginal Lands in Europe — causes of decline.

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Basic and Applied Ecology 6 2 99— Scacchiafichi L. Wania A. Ambar M. Anguiano E. Buckwell A. Coppola A. Nordstrom Kallstrom H. Pointereau P. Strijker D. Visek L. Vranken L.

Farmland abandonment in Europe: Identification of drivers and indicators and development of a composite indicator of risk. Land Use Policy 49 20— Grazing Ecology and Forest History.

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Wallingford: CABI. Trajectories of land use change in Europe: A model based exploration of rural futures. Landscape Ecology 25 2 — Veldkamp A. Espaldon R. Mastura S. Environmental Management 30 3 — Combining top-down and bottom-up dynamics in land use modelling: exploring the future of abandoned farmlands in Europe with the Dyna-CLUE model. Landscape Ecology 24 — From productivism to post-productivism and back again?

Exploring the un changed natural and mental landscapes of European agriculture. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 26 1 77—