Manual A Companion to Middle High German Literature to the 14th Century

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Middle High German literature refers to literature written in German between the middle of the 11th century and the middle of the 14th. This was the period of the blossoming of MHG lyric poetry, particularly Minnesang the German variety of the originally French tradition of courtly love.


The same sixty years saw the composition of the most important courtly romances. The third literary movement of these years was a new revamping of the heroic tradition, in which the ancient Germanic oral tradition can still be discerned, but tamed and Christianized and adapted for the court. These high medieval heroic epics are written in rhymed strophes, not the alliterative verse of Germanic prehistory. The Kaiserchronik is one of the first monuments of Middle High German.

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The three key authors of courtly romances are Hartmann von Aue , Gottfried von Strassburg , and Wolfram von Eschenbach , in particular his Parzival , which is regarded as one of the supreme literary achievements of the period. The revamping of the heroic tradition is visible in works like the Nibelungenlied , Kudrun , and the various epics about the heroic figure Dietrich von Bern.

Towards the beginning of the twelfth century A.

Parodies of courtly poetry also exist, among them Der Weinschwelg. Middle High German mysticism , often called " Rhineland mysticism," is a key prose genre. Female religious writers also made significant contributions, particularly Mechthild von Magdeburg The Flowing Light of the Godhead and Margareta Ebner. Rather, as Kobler himself has argued, Robert G. Sullivan, In the following period Middle High German not only do the characteristic uses of the Participle continue in force, but they have become interwoven in the fabric of a universally recognized language of literature — a result never attained by John Bascom Crenshaw, For an anthology of Middle High German crusade literature, see F.

Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand, The former work, besides containing by far the most complete syntax, is also the only Middle High-German grammar which is based on the present state of German philology.

A Companion to Middle High German Literature to the 14th Century

Those who wish to acquire a sound historical knowledge of the Joseph Wright, In New High German meine Meinung has the diphthong in the first syllable of both words; in Yiddish it is mayn meynung my Max Weinreich, This volume is a guide to medieval German literature from the eighth century to the fourteenth century. Chapters deal either with a chronological period or with a specific genre.

Francis G. Medieval Tales.


Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, Triuwe and Vriunt in the Nibelungenlied. Amsterdam, Rodopi, Paul E.

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    German Literature of the High Middle Ages - Boydell and Brewer

    Ingrid Bennewitz. Francis G. Stuttgart: Hans-Dieter Heinz, , Peter Uwe Hohendahl.

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