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PhD: Modelling the sedimentology, and stratigraphic architecture of submarine channel margin systems. PhD: Submarine conduits are long term sediment routing systems - so how and when do they fill? PhD proposal - Seismic and aseismic rock mass deformation induced by underground excavations: in-situ monitoring and 3D-numerical modeling in a deep mine.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Economic Geology. Postdoctoral Researcher in Applied Mineralogy. Geoscientist specialised on hydrogeology M. Post-doctoral research associate in speleothem palaeoclimatology. Postdoctoral Research Associate in palaeoclimate modelling. Research Associate Experimental Rock Deformation. PhD opportunity, Geochemistry and Geochronology. Earth Systems Analyst. Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biogeochemistry. Associate Professional Specialist Technician in the area of mineralogy. PhD-student in Experimental Mineralogy.

Research Associate - Development and scientific editing of hydrogeological maps. PhD Studentships: The crystal structure of graphitic carbon as a function of its compositions and associated materials.

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PhD student: How silicon affects phosphate availability and carbon turnover in soils. Master of Science in Petrophysics. Postdoctoral position in carbonate sequence stratigraphy and diagenesis. PhD in Engineering Geophysics.

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PhD opportunities in petrology and geochemistry. Post-Doctoral Fellow: Late Paleozoic siliciclastic sedimentology and geochronology, or Early Cretaceous carbonate sedimentology and chemostratigraphy. Research Fellow - volcanic fields in Southeast Asia.

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PhD position: Improving reservoir souring treatments for chalk formations. Senior Scientist in Sea-Level Research. PhD and Postdoctoral positions in geochemistry. PhD proposal: Development of advanced microseismic monitoring and machine learning tools for enhanced geothermal systems EGS. Geotechnical Engineer.

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Scientist of Hydrogeology or Geoscience. Postdoctoral position: Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical THM modeling of structurally-controlled deposits at basement - basin interface: application to unconformity-related U deposits. Moorings Technician. Two Postdoc or PhD positions in Biogeochemistry.

Senior Project Manager. Research position in Applied Geophysics and Geology. Research Assistant. Research Assistant - ReCharBo project.


Computer Vision Software Engineer. Satellite Image Quality Engineer. PhD opportunity in Paleolimnology - Lake carbon sequestration.

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Researcher geochemistry. Master of Petroleum Geoscience.

Postdoc in Deformation Processes and Electron Microscopy. The goal of this workshop is to support participants in designing or improving research and teaching activities that they will use to engage nanoscience at their home institutions. To this end participants are expected to:. Please use the Goldschmidt Registration form to register for this workshop and for the Goldschmidt meeting. The workshop registration fee is set by the Goldschmidt Conference organizers and will be paid as part of your meeting registration.

We have reserved space for 60 participants so please register early! This workshop is also sponsored by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

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Your Account. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Tomographic image of a small aggregate of 30 nm hematite crystals, with 5 nm diameter tubes running through the crystals shown in green.